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Dust On The Bible
by Johnny and Walter Bailes

"I was born and raised in West Virginian an area now considered a part of Charleston. My dad, being a minister, and my Christian mother led us children to believe in Christ and go to church. It was in church in my late teens that I found the origin for 'Dust On The Bible.' A young minister by the name of Willard Carney came there and started a church in a store basement. Since our parents had always taught us respect for all Christ-believing churches, I started attending Brother Carney's church pretty regular. In one of these services, I heard him relate this experience of going into a home to visit, which story is told in the song. I just put his story in song and bless him for it. I believe him to be a very sincere minister of Christ!" óWalter Bailes

Dust On The Bible

I went into a home one day to see some friends of mine.
Of all the books and magazines, not a Bible I could find
I asked them for the Bible; when they brought it, what a shame
For the dust was covered o'er it, not a fingerprint was plain.

Dust on the Bible, dust on the holy word
The words of all the prophets and the sayings of the Lord
Of all the other books you'll find, there's none salvation holds
Get the Dust off the Bible and redeem your poor soul. Oh soul.

Oh, you can read your magazines of love and tragic things
But not one word of Bible verse, not a scripture do you know
When its the very truth and its contents good for you
But if dust is covered, o'er it, it is sure to doom your soul.

Oh, if you have a friend you'd like to help along life's way
Just tell him that the Good Book shows a mortal how to pray
The best advice to give him that will make his burden light
Is to dust the family Bible, trade the wrong way for the right.

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