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Candy Kisses
by George Morgan

"This song was written over a busted-up romance I had many years ago and was addressed to the girl I was going with. I was driving to work one day to a radio program that I was doing in Wooster, Ohio. I was thinking about her and the thought crossed my mind that I didn't mean as much to her as the candy kisses that my mother used to bring home on Saturday when she went grocery shopping—not the Hershey candy kisses—those candy kisses wrapped in paper with peanut butter in them. I wrote it in my head in ten minutes and sang it when I got to the station that morning. It is my theme song and also my most requested song." —George Morgan

Candy Kisses

Candy kisses, wrapped in paper
Mean more to you than any of mine
Candy kisses, wrapped in paper
You'd rather have them any old time.

You don't mean it when you whisper
Those sweet love words in my ear
Candy kisses, wrapped in paper
Mean more to you than mine do, dear.

I built a castle out of dreams, dear
I thought that you were building, too
Now my castles all have fallen
And I am left alone and blue.

Once my heart was filled with gladness
Now there's sadness, only tears
Candy kisses, wrapped in paper
Mean more to me than mine do, dear.

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